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Red Digital Cinema

Red Digital Cinema


Red Digital Cinema Brick

Red Brick Camera Battery


Li-ion Battery 153.9Wh Upgrade


14.8v LI-ION 10.4Ah or 153.9Wh

£110 GBP plus VAT

including return postage


Note: These battery packs feature internal charging circuits, if this component has failed unfortunately replacements cannot be obtained, your battery will be returned in its original state and a full refund given.


We only use Top Quality A Grade cells in our refurbishment process. We replace ALL the cells in your pack leaving it like new. Please beware of cheap fixes such as only replacing single cells, don't be fooled these methods simply don't work and can leave you with a dangerously unstable battery pack. Our work is carried out using specialist equipment and is backed by a 24 month warranty!


Here at Recell Your Battery we specialise in recelling all the major brands of powers tool batteries. If you are using any equipment with a rechargeable battery power pack then it is likely that we can help refurbish it getting it working like NEW again!






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Or send us a message via the contact form and we will give you a quote.