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Customer Feedback

Some of the positive comments received from our customers!



Received my recelled battery and have given it a good workout, first thing I noticed is that the speed and endurance of this one against it's twin is extremely noticeable, another job for you coming up. Will pass your company around family and friends as I am extremely impressed with how you operate.

Mr W Craig - 08/11/2016



My Bosch drill is alive again. Thank you!

Mr D Burke - 02/11/2016



Just been using the recelled battery, the best it’s ever been thank you. Saving up my pennies to get the spare done! Be in touch soon.

Mr R Dale - 05/08/2016



...Used the battery through 2 cycles and have to say I am very impressed. I done what you said in your literature and drained battery before recharging it. Have used all the tools, strimmer, hedge trimmer and chain saw. All work well. In fact the battery lasts so long, I have only needed to charge it once. Battery took just over 1 hour to charge and I reckon I get about 4 - 5 hours running time. Just to say many thanks for an excellent service...

Mr A Quartermaine - 13/07/2016



Battery arrived this morning, thank you, fully working and all seems great! I will recommend your company to anyone with a similar problem.

Mr J Julian - 19/02/2016



My Cordless TV is now restored to perfect health and I have excellent battery power. Your service was pretty much my last hope to keep this device portable and you did me a great service at an affordable price.

Mr P Macaulay - 25/01/2016



[Reply to an enquiry from us on a previous order satisfaction]

All the batteries that you re-celled for me are great. Must be 2-3 years ago and they are all fine. Thanks so much!

Mr V Papastavrou - 24/11/2015



...I wanted to put on record my complete satisfaction with the experience. Very simple and slick; feel free to quote me whenever you like.

Mr G Bettess - 05/10/2015



Thank you for recelling my Wickes battery. It is good that I can carry on using my power tools & torch without having to buy all new tools at this stage. Nice service and concept.

Mr P Allan - 18/09/2015



I found your service excellent - you gave me an alternative to buying a new one [tool] when the old one was in perfectly good condition. Just because the drill manufacturer no longer made that type of battery it seemed a terrible waste just to throw it away. Many thanks again for your great replacement battery service - the drill is providing great service and I have recommended your company to a couple of my friends.

Mr M McQueen - 04/08/2015



Remiss of me not to thank you earlier. I wanted to see how the cells would cope after the winter lay-off before I contacted you. I'm happy to say that I am delighted with the cells you refurbished. This year they have performed better than new. The extra capacity is a Godsend. All of the originals would not work after the first year, yours are still great.

Mr J Davis - 12/07/2015



Recell your battery has given my old Bosch drill a new lease of life as I could not purchase a new battery. A great service, thank you.

Mr I Huckle - 04/07/2015



Just to say many thanks for getting the 2 Hilti batteries back to me so quickly. Great service much appreciated

Mr P Gamble - 02/05/2015



Just to let you know the batteries arrived yesterday on my return which was perfect they both work great, 4 lights on the power unit indicator and plenty of flashes there I’m sure! Thanks for a great service!

Mr P Reddington - 30/01/2015



I got the battery back last week and I just want to say thank you, I'm really pleased with how it performs, perfect. Thanks again

Mr S Adler - 21/01/2015



The battery now works as it should - thanks for the great service !

Mr V Browne - 18/09/2014



I received my battery the other day. It works brilliantly. Great service which saved me buying a new drill. Many thanks!

Mr A Chaplin - 01/09/2014



Many thanks for a fast turn around after having my batteries recelled by your company. thank you

Mr W Endicott - 07/08/2014



Got the battery back and the Hilti drill is now working better than ever, many thanks for a quality job.

Mr S McCallister - 19/05/2014



I have received the batteries thanks you very much and thanks you for the free gift also, hope to deal with you again many thanks.

Mr P Griffith - 03/05/2014



Battery repair ... arrived and is performing as good as new, as are all the others you re-celled, Very impressed with your service, Thanks again.

Mr N Huddy - 20/02/2014



Excellent idea to recell - especially as the supplier no longer provided that design of battery - so it meant I have a battery better that the original and I can keep on using my expensive drill rather than having to buy a new one. Great idea, great product and great service I cannot compliment you enough.

Mr M Lenihan - 24/01/2014



My battery arrived today, amazing difference!

Mr P Chalmers - 09/12/2013



Thank you so much for your very prompt and efficient service. I have safely received the repaired battery and am most impressed with the quality of your customer service. I will be sure to tell all of my friends of the efficiency and quality of your service. I am very grateful to you.

Mr H Thomas - 18/11/2013



Had batteries back and they are fine. Just want to say fab set up and service start to finish. Refreshing! Thanks

Mr R Breakwell - 15/11/2013



Two packs recelled received today. Great service, have read all useful info supplied also thanks for the goodies enclosed, look forward to many more years of hole drilling!!!

Mr S Ellis - 09/10/2013



Many thanks received safely today, excellent service!

Mr T Beasley - 09/09/2013



[Customer Warranty Repair:]

Last September, Recell replaced the cells in my DeWalt battery which had reached end of life. The service was efficient, and the battery has been used regularly without issue until recently, when I purchased a new DeWalt grinder.

On first use with the grinder, the battery got extremely hot, and melted a small part of its outer casing. I immediately reported this to Recell, and and was asked to return the battery to them, along with the grinder which they had not supplied, for testing.

This is where you discover if a supplier backs up their words with real actions. Recell tested the grinder despite not supplying it, declared it fit for purpose, and then checked the battery, discovering a fault in the connections they concluded lay with them. The battery was immediately replaced free-of-charge and returned along with the grinder, with my only cost being the postage to Recell.

It would have been easy for Recell to list any number of excuses as to why the issue did not lie with them, the route chosen by the grinder suppliers, but they did not. As a result of their actions, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services to anybody requiring a battery to be renovated, as Recell could have done no more to make good this problem than they have. I will certainly be using their services in the future.

Many thanks received safely today, excellent service!

Mr J Maudslay - 28/08/2013



I have just received a battery you have recelled would just like to say thank you for fast efficient service I will recommend you.

Mr I Heenan - 18/06/2013



We have received the batteries back and thank you very much for such a quick service.

Mr R Hillman - 11/06/2013



Thank you for the efficient service in sending me my new battery! I need it for work and was pleased to receive it so quickly. The guidance leaflets are also very helpful - at least now I know how to look after it. I'll definitely recommend you.

Mr M Coome - 19/05/2013



Big thank you for the recelling of my battery ... which I received back today ... and the little extras you sent also e.g. note pad, advice leaflets, etc what a really nice touch. I wish you and your business well for the future and if I need anything like this done again I will certainly be in touch

Mr J Whitaker - 24/04/2013



Just a quick note of thanks for getting my battery done. It arrived yesterday and I am very happy with it. Much appreciated

Mr M Vine - 23/04/2013



Got my battery back and just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant and fast job.

Mr C Blott - 11/03/2013



Thank you ... for all your help! I will be recommending you to all my friends and contacts. You provide an excellent service so rare these days!

Mr A Holder - 01/03/2013



Just a quick note of thanks for the quick turnaround of the Ni-cad battery pack. Replacement battery, arrived Tuesday. Drill now up and running prefect. Thanks once again.

Mr B Petts - 18/01/2013



We're definitely sold!!!! We have already recommended you and will continue to do so! Brilliant. We'll definitely be using recellyourbattery again. Many thanks once again for your excellent service.

Mr D Hardman - 08/10/2012



Brilliant service. I'll be recommending to others.

Mr M Worland - 03/10/2012



Its great to deal with a company that stands by their promises and provide an excellent service. I will undoubtedly use your company again and have recommended you to a number of my colleagues.

Mr D Whiteley - 03/09/2012



Just wanted to say a big thankyou for your fast and easy to use service, battery arrived yesterday and works well

Mr D Pearson - 13/06/2012



Have just taken delivery of the drill battery I sent you for refurbishment. Just to say thanks for your very efficient service, will be recommend your service to friends.

Mr A Sheppard - 12/06/2012



The battery has arrived, and I am delighted to have my faithful Bosch back in working order. Thank you very much indeed.

Mr P Inchley - 10/05/2012



Just a quick note to say that the battery has arrived and been reunited with the drill. I am immensely pleased with the result and would wholeheartedly recommend your service to anyone else with similar battery problems.

Mr G Thomas - 09/05/2012



Just a note to say thank you for the excellent job you did with my batteries. The drill's are better now than when I first bought them.

Mr R Humphris - 07/03/2012



Got batteries back today thank you for your usual superb service

Mr A Tulloch - 09/02/2012



Received battery yesterday safe and sound. You`ve done a grand Job. thanks so much !

Mr R Wilson - 07/02/2012



Thank you for a grand job on my Metabo drill. Very pleased.

Mr H Shepherd - 15/12/2011



Thanks a million a great service!

Mr N Newell - 18/10/2011



Just a quick confirmation on the Dremel battery which you repaired - it is working fine. ... Am now drilling, polishing and grinding for England!

Mr P Fox - 01/10/2011



We would like to thank you for dealing with the recelling of our JCB drill battery recently, the service we received was efficient, and the battery works like new. We will recommend you to our friends. What a great change to have such good service! Our thanks

Mr K Eardley - 06/07/2011



Just a note to thank you for the batteries which I received today... Breathing new life into a drill and circular saw which have not been used for almost two years. I am very grateful for your excellent service ... Also, I will be telling some of my trade colleagues here in France and the UK about you so don’t be surprised if you hear from me again soon. Thanks again.

Mr A Otter - 28/03/2011



Thanks for doing batteries work better than before, good job will send you some more when I sort them out.

Mr S Welsford - 24/09/2010



Needless to say I am very pleased with what you have done, and have given your details to a number of my colleagues who also use battery tools. Thank you very much.

Mr L Smith - 02/09/2010



Cheers for a great job the battery performs excellent. I'll be sending my other shortly, again thanks.

Mr S Pritchard - 17/07/2010



Excellent service thanks so much and I will use you again.

Mrs Everest - 21/05/2010







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