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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you email please have a read and see if your question is answered below!


Please read what we don't do and save yourself some time!


What we don't do!


We do not recell:

Electric bikes, mobility vehicles, golf trolleys, motor vehicles, mobile phones, laptop PCs, Ipods or medical equipment.


We do not supply complete replacement battery packs you will need to send your old / dead ones for us to rebuild.


We do not supply cells alone for DIY install.


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Lithium Ion Li-ion Batteries


We can only recell a few types of Li-ion battery depending on the brand.


Makes below can not be recelled contact us for other makes.


We don't recell these Li-ion makes:

Dewalt, Hilti, Makita, Ryobi, AEG, Facom, Ingersoll Rand, Panasonic, Hitachi and Milwaukee. All these have controller circuits which disable the battery so re-cells are not possible.


International Customers


We can rebuild batteries sent in from all over the world. You may want to investigate the cost of sending your batteries to us before contacting us! Shipping cost may make the process unworthwhile.



Detailed F.A.Q.


Q: What does your company do?

A: Short answer: we take your dead battery pack and refurbish is like new, saving you lots of money!


Q: What is re-celling / refurbishing / rebuilding?

A: These are all terms describing the process of refurbishing dead battery packs.


Q: What are cells?

 A: Battery packs are typically made up of a series of smaller internal batteries called 'cells'.


Q: What does re-celling involve?

A: We dismantle your dead battery, carefully dispose of your spent cells and exchange them all with brand new replacements.


Q: Will this process invalidate my battery’s manufacture warranty?

A: If it is still under warranty then yes - But if your battery is simply not holding charge you will most likely find this is not covered by a manufacturer warranty. If you are seeking our services for older tools then your manufacturer warranty may have expired already.


Q: Is your work guaranteed?

A: Yes - No matter the age of your battery once re-celled though us our work is backed by a 24 month warranty.


Q: Do you offer bulk discounts?

A: Yes this can be discussed please contact us for a quote.


Q: What types of battery can be re-celled?

A: We can cater for almost all sizes and types of rechargeable batteries.


Q: What is Ni-Cd / Ni-MH / Li-ion?

A: These are the different chemicals used in rechargeable batteries. Ni-CD: Nickel Cadmium, Ni-MH: Nickel metal hydride and Li-ion: Lithium Ion.


Q: What is Ah?

A: Ah stands for Amp / Hours. For example a 2.0Ah battery means it can supply 2 Amps for 1 Hour. So the higher the Ah value the longer the battery’s run time.


Q: Can I upgrade my battery from NI-CD to NI-MH?

A: If your battery charger states that it charges NI-MH and NI-CD batteries then - Yes. But for many older NI-CD tools and chargers this is not possible, as the charger was not designed for charging the higher capacity NI-MH cells. Please contact us for advice.


Q: Can I upgrade my battery from NI-CD / NI-MH to Li-ion?

A: No this is not something we would undertake. Customisation of the battery pack and modification to the tool itself would be required, a new charging circuit and battery charger are also needed. It is uneconomical compared to buying a new Li-ion based tool


Q: Can I upgrade my battery’s Ah size?

A: Yes in most cases the next size up if possible without any problems, e.g. 1.3Ah to 1.5Ah, or 1.5Ah to 2.0Ah. For bigger steps (e.g. 1.5Ah to 3.0Ah) then your charger must be able to supply adequate current to charge the new cells, please contact us for advice with this.


Q: How long does it take to refurbish my battery?

A: Your battery will normally be refurbished and dispatched back to you within 21 working days of its arrival, often sooner.


Q: How can I pay for your services?

A: We accept credit or debit card, bank transfer, cash or PayPal.


Q: How do I send you my batteries?

A: Please send us your batteries in suitable packaging i.e. bubble wrap, etc. Use insulating tape to cover exposed terminals. Please use a postal method with insurance and tracking number such as a courier - as we cannot be held responsible for items lost in transit.


Q: Can I drop off / collect my batteries?

A: Yes if you are in our locality then get in touch, we can take in batteries in person normally on weekends only.


Q: Can I remove the old cells to save on weight and postage cost?

A: If you are going to do this please check with us first with unusual batteries we would need to replicate the layout from the old cells. But if agreed we would need all the internal wiring and terminals to be left intact. You would also have to make sure the old cells are disposed of properly, contact your local Recycling and Refuse centre for advice.


Q: Can I pay later, open an account or have credit terms?

A: Unfortunately not, payment is not requested until items are ready to be returned they are then dispatched on receipt of payment. Unpaid items will be disposed of after 60 days to recover our costs. 


Tel: 07517 397 030