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Recell Your Battery

Battery Not Holding Charge?

Get Battery Pack Refurbishments from - Recell Your Battery


Save time please read what we don't do first!

Although we do tackle all sorts of devices we don't some things for various reasons, we don't do electric bikes, mobility scooters, laptops or mobile phones. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for a full list before contacting us.




Your power tool battery pack no longer holding its charge does not have to mean time for an expensive new battery or even a new drill!


  • We exchange (recell) ALL your battery's internal cells using brand new replacements.

  • Once we recell your batteries they will be as good as new allowing you to get straight back to work.

  • We recell using only A-grade battery cells in our refurbishment process to ensure your product comes back to you at the highest standard.

  • Your refurbished, recelled battery is backed by our 12 month warranty.

  • No need to replace your existing charger, drill or power tool – your recelled product will work in exactly the same way you are used to.

  • In most cases after recelling your refurbished battery will perform better than ever, giving your power tools longer run times!

  • We are able to recell makes and models for most major batteries, drills and power tools, meaning you could save huge amounts at home or for your business.


We have the experience and knowledge to recell and refurbish batteries for some of the biggest power tool brands, including Hilti, Bosch, Dewalt, Gesipa, Ryobi, Hitachi, Panasonic and many more!




We don't just do power tools!

Virtually any rechargeable battery operated equipment can be recelled e.g. Power tools, Torches, Flash guns, Lighting systems, Survey stations, Radios, Bike Lights and many more...


All Sorts


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HIPUX 18v NIMH - Gesipa 14.4v Li-ionMakita 18v Li-ion - Bosch 18v & 14.4v Li-ion - Bosch 10.8v Li-ion - Pay Your Invoice


Do not send in your batteries via Royal Mail!

Royal Mail now class all batteries as hazardous, you can not send us your batteries via the standard post. Please use couriers, are a great option they will collect and deliver your parcels and have much cheaper prices anyway!

Please address parcels to us directly, no collection from parcel points!

We can not collect parcels from parcel points or depots, please only use courier services that delivery directly to our address.


Christinas Steak House - Barking


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